Amontillado Finish Small-Batch Limited Edition


A long-time fan of Amontillado sherry, Dr Bill has always adored its nuttier, spicier style. Years ago, he began to imagine a unique, delicious whisky, which would entwine its casks’ distinctive flavours through the Distillery’s gentle, honeyed style. But since such casks are hard to come by, opportunities are few and far between.

Eventually, Dr Bill sourced a precious handful of Amontillado casks. Then he filled them with a soft, mellow whisky which had spent eight years in American white oak bourbon barrels. Transferring it into the Amontillado casks, he left it to age for another four years, until it achieved the flavours he had dreamed of. Finished in this way, the whisky winds sherried hints of cashews, clove, ginger and dried fruit round Glenmorangie’s classic notes of peaches, orange and lemon balsam.

Dr Bill hand-selected the finest of those precious casks to be bottled for the Distillery’s Barrel Select Release. He said: “I have always loved the nuttier, spicier tastes of Amontillado – my favourite style of sherry. It’s such a delight to bring its casks’ sherried influences to our whisky’s signature delicate style for this special release.

Crafted for The Whisky Club, Australia with very limited availability via our online shop, shipping to the UK only, and at our Distillery Visitor Centre shop in Tain.


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Amontillado Finish Small-Batch Limited Edition”

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